How A Video Production in Liverpool is Improving the communication between businesses during the Corona outbreak

video production Liverpool

In these difficult time due to the Corona virus outbreak businesses of all sizes are now deciding to take things online like never before.

  • See how this Video Production Liverpool company are helping to break ground in this area

With home working and conferences now being streamed across the internet rather than face to face meetings taking place the rise of video production companies and their services are in greater demand now more than ever.

Zut Media are the company in Liverpool known for their great work in video and film production but they also have the capability to get your business where it needs to be online in terms of being able to keep going with the infrastructure that you need to enable your workforce to keep going in these unprecedented times.

Being able to use existing infrastructure and technology helps any business but when there is a higher demand now for these service but for a slight different purpose it’s time to think outside of the box and that’s just what companies like Zut Media are doing.

Corona virus and the effects of it are likely to be felt for some time to come yet, even after the virus itself hits it’s peak and finally disappears the effects upon the economy could be devastating and luckily the UK Government has plans in place to combat this but it does appear that smaller local businesses and companies offering remote working solutions are actually winning the day.

Our team here at HERQQ had an information discussion recently about how things will change from this point on and how we may see the eventual demise of the large monopolising supermarkets in favour of a more traditional local approach as people start to realise that if everybody is using the same service and it breaks then there’s nowhere left to go for your mothers day gifts, food and entertainment.

As the social widening continues and we are not allowed to gather in large groups, chains like Vue Cinema are likely to feel the pinch and struggle to come out completely unscathed and yet there are online communities and smaller local communities that are thriving because of the restrictions being placed.

Many comment that this is like the times during world war 2 when the whole country became as one and helped each other out and although in some instances this doesn’t yet seem to be happening everywhere it does affect small pockets in ways that are yet to become evident on a wider scale.

For instance streets are now forming whatsapp groups or Facebook communities to keep in touch and help other out by going to the shops for those who are unable to etc.

Strange and frightening times we are living in but change is inevitable for all things, sometimes change is good and we for one believe that things will get worse before they get better but we will come out the other side a divided nation between those who chose to bind together and those who became selfish and greedy and focused upon their own survival verses the survival of their neighbours, family and friends.

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