SEO & Marketing During and After Covid-19 Lockdown

SEO Agency

The recent social lockdown in the UK has seen a huge shift in the economic trend toward an online market place. With everyone in the UK trying to find something to do at home the online boom in terms of ecommerce and support sites for hobbies has never been stronger.

Now that the lockdown is being eased it’s important to think about marketing your business, ideally you should have never stopped in the first place. We recommend seeking an SEO Consultant (recommended).

SEO is a way of having your business found online and this means your target customer tend to find you before they find your competitors. If you have your service offering just right then it’s easier to win their custom but if your overall business idea and offering is less than your competitors no matter how visible in Google and the other search engines you are you simply will not win business.

It is for this reason that SEO can only go so far, every heard the expression “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” – this is the truth when it comes to online visibility. PPC is where you pay for the clicks and these actually appear at the top of Google BUT research shows that these get less clicks than the organic results.

You have to be careful with this approach though because if you are targeting singular keywords with your seo then you will have missed the party. Most people carry out a bit of information gathering prior to making a choice and deciding they need to type in an SEO related keyword.

You could also try doing some social media marketing but please be aware that people when on Facebook etc generally do not like being marketed to and this can backfire. Social media marketing is a good way to interact directly with your customers although again be aware that most customers will only ever want to get in touch with you if they want to vent publicly about your services good and bad. It is not too often people without prompt leave you a positive review unless there is something in it for them too.