How The Lockdown is Affecting Hen Parties in Liverpool

hen party Liverpool

We are now officially in week 2 of the lockdown due to the Corona virus and this has affected businesses worldwide, Liverpool is no exception. So here in Liverpool we have seen a drastic change to the business landscape including the most popular restaurants and days out, of course there’s also the more obscure but yet no less important services that provide a hen party in Liverpool or other form of group entertainment of which there are many.

The companies featured in the links above are only a couple of examples of the type of firm affected by the new rules and the government has produced a sterling way forward for everyone including business like these above to survive during this outbreak in the form of a financial rescue package.

The usual places to visit in Liverpool are all closed too and the city (we believe) is like a ghost town except that we have not been into the city centre since this all began (we are responsible adults after all).

So where does this leave things once the lockdown is lifted? We believe that social distancing – where people are required to stay at least 2 metres apart from each other at all times even when doing their shopping will remain in effect. This means that either a) restaurants will need fewer tables to adhere to the rules or b) will still not be able to open. So in terms of the restaurants this remains to be seen whether the lockdown on it’s own remains the sole cause of these businesses now struggling or not. On the other hand, the enterainment industry often requires that it’s patrons rub shoulders on a more personal level, in the case of the company above for example they are a recording studio offering a pop star experience and so this naturally means close proximity.

A release of the lockdown can really only mean one thing – all business types will not fully recover immediatley without a change of plan. Many restaurants have been able to offer a take-away service but not all as the market place suddenly became very crowded with almost every restaurant now trying to compete with each other, think of the logistics behind everything from the new packaging to the delivery drivers and everything in between which would mean that the reputation of the restaurant is upheld.

People will naturally want their lives to get back to normal as quickly as possible once things start to settle and this means visiting a restaurant again, this also mean starting to book entertainment for their hen or stag party and the people of Liverpool will once again resume a life more normal as will the rest of the world, what that world looks like is pure speculation at this point in time but we wish everyone the very best of luck!