Ladies Bed Jackets

Ladies Bed Jackets & Dressing Gowns

A ladies bed jacket or dressing gown is a garment for upper-body wear that is open on the front and has a belt around the wearer’s waist. Women have been wearing bed jackets since the Victorian era, but they have fallen out of fashion in recent years.

However, they are now enjoying a resurgence in popularity due to the rise of cosplay. A bed jacket or dressing gown is also referred to as a housecoat, which is worn by both men and women, but there are key differences between these garments. The most notable difference being that a lady’s bed jacket has an open front with ties or buttons. It also has a belt tied at the waist or buttons around the waist.

The most common material used is cotton, but it can be made out of light knitted woolen fabric for colder weather. Bed jackets are generally available in one size fits all and will vary according to how loose they are on the wearer’s frame. They end at the knees or at the lower thigh of the wearer.

A lady’s dressing gown is usually worn over a nightgown or negligee and features long sleeves, front fastenings, collars, pockets and hems that can be straight or scalloped. Some styles have cuffs too. It may be made out of flannel, silk, satin or velvet. Often, they are decorated with lace trims, embroidery and ruffles too.

Dressing gowns are generally made one size fits all up to around a UK dress size 18. Any larger than that is likely to mean you won’t be able to close the dressing gown in front which defeats the object of its use. Dressing gowns often come in two styles; kimono (simply pulls over head) or tielocken (has both front opening and sleeves that pull over hands).

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