My recommended Pizza Restaurant in Liverpool

It’s nearly mothers day and if you are Googling for mothers day Liverpool or similar search term I can heartily recommend to you this amazing pizza restaurant in Liverpool called Villa Romana. I visited there recently with some friend and starting with the decor and ending with the food the whole experience was nothing short of amazing and I have left them a 5 star review on their Google page.

I had the pepperoni pizza and we shared a garlic bread.

So with mothers day approaching I would naturally want to book with these guys but I’ll have to check to see if mother dearest wants to travel first of all, she may actually just want to spend it with family at home, seeing as she’s getting on now.

For those people still looking then there are other places you can try and for some reason have better reviews but trust me when I say I’ve had a pizza in most Italian restaurants in Liverpool now and Villa is bar the best and I really can’t shout about the place highly enough.

The food is not only delicious but also healthy too, their pasta looked amazing and they do salads to go with the pizza that are just to die for.

So what do I do for mothers day if there’s no alternative, well start by checking out the link above which is a link to some stuff you can do for mother day if you are in Liverpool, here’s a few suggestions from my own head but please check out the official list above.

The theatre – who doesn’t love the theatre!

The Cinema – the modern theatre!

A meal out – go to Villa Romana if you can

The footy – depending if your mother is into the footy you could take her there

A museum – if she like culture etc then Liverpool has a about 5 museums

A spa break – pricey but if you’ve got the cash this is always a winner

A walk in the countryside – some mothers like this type of thing so it’s worth suggesting it

Flowers and chocolate – the old classic – can’t go wrong with this just don’t forget the card to go with it!

Anyway this is just a first post to get going with my new blog, I’ll be posting more things and ramblings as this site evolves – I just wanted to get going with things I’m not really sure exactly what I’ll be talking about just yet I just know that for a while people have been telling me to get a website and start a blog so I’ve done and this is my first post – hello world!

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