Ladies Bed Jackets

Ladies Bed Jackets & Dressing Gowns

A ladies bed jacket or dressing gown is a garment for upper-body wear that is open on the front and has a belt around the wearer’s waist. Women have been wearing bed jackets since the Victorian era, but they have fallen out of fashion in recent years. However, they are now enjoying a resurgence in popularity due to the rise of cosplay. A bed jacket or dressing gown is also referred to as a housecoat, which is worn by both men and women, but there are key differences between these garments. The most notable difference being that a lady’s bed jacket has an open front with ties or buttons. It also has a belt tied at the waist or buttons around the waist. The most common material used is cotton, but it can be made out of light knitted woolen fabric for colder weather. Bed jackets are generally available in one size fits all and will vary according to how loose they are on the wearer’s frame. They end at the knees or at the lower thigh of the wearer. A lady’s dressing gown is usually worn over a nightgown or negligee and features long sleeves, front fastenings, collars, pockets and hems that can be straight or scalloped. Some styles have cuffs too. It may be made out of flannel, silk, satin or velvet. Often, they are decorated with lace trims, embroidery and ruffles too. Dressing gowns are generally made one size fits all up to around a UK dress size 18. Any larger than that is likely to mean you won’t be able to close the dressing gown in front which defeats the object of its use. Dressing gowns often come in two styles; kimono (simply pulls over head) or tielocken (has both front opening and sleeves that pull over hands). Comfortable practical and warm in styles which can be found on most major shopping centers. Ideal while staying at a hospital room or while reading on the bedside. Select from. Girls bed cloths & robe! Dresses it’s tricky. Find at the heart of downtown- ideal to stay in. Hospitals. Keep the heat if i keep going. Beds. . – To the standards. So there’s something for it. It’s been tricky to obtain. For putting on the hot weather in hospitals. Or to lay up on the bed. Or a night stay.

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Camille is a comfortable jacket that helps maintain your body temperature. They’re designed to keep you comfortable whether you’re lounging or looking to have warmth at the moment you head to the bathroom. We present the latest style bed coats including fleece bed jackets with zippered linings hood & pockets. When it is time for bed time you can snuggle up in bed and keep warm and cosy in a cold winter night or a unexpectedly cool summer night.. With our full range of womens bed jackets available in a wide range, there is plenty to choose from with brands including Daxon and Venitex. Our ladies’ bathrobes are completely soft and absorbent so they provide ample comfort when you have just finished taking your shower. These comfortable robes fit all shapes and sizes so that everyone can find the right style that suits them best. You can just relax in your room or around your house with our comfy, lightweight house coats . It is time to protect yourself against cold weather conditions when you go out of home for an evening walk or someone who wants to enjoy the night outside. If you are looking for something warm and stylish before you go to sleep at night, our dressing gowns are the ideal choice for you. Our collection of winter jackets are classic staples that look great in any season. They have all been designed with stylish fabrics and come in a range of fitted styles that enhance your curves while keeping you warm.

SEO & Marketing During and After Covid-19 Lockdown

SEO Agency

The recent social lockdown in the UK has seen a huge shift in the economic trend toward an online market place. With everyone in the UK trying to find something to do at home the online boom in terms of ecommerce and support sites for hobbies has never been stronger.

Now that the lockdown is being eased it’s important to think about marketing your business, ideally you should have never stopped in the first place. We recommend seeking an SEO Consultant (recommended).

SEO is a way of having your business found online and this means your target customer tend to find you before they find your competitors. If you have your service offering just right then it’s easier to win their custom but if your overall business idea and offering is less than your competitors no matter how visible in Google and the other search engines you are you simply will not win business.

It is for this reason that SEO can only go so far, every heard the expression “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink” – this is the truth when it comes to online visibility. PPC is where you pay for the clicks and these actually appear at the top of Google BUT research shows that these get less clicks than the organic results.

You have to be careful with this approach though because if you are targeting singular keywords with your seo then you will have missed the party. Most people carry out a bit of information gathering prior to making a choice and deciding they need to type in an SEO related keyword.

You could also try doing some social media marketing but please be aware that people when on Facebook etc generally do not like being marketed to and this can backfire. Social media marketing is a good way to interact directly with your customers although again be aware that most customers will only ever want to get in touch with you if they want to vent publicly about your services good and bad. It is not too often people without prompt leave you a positive review unless there is something in it for them too.

My recommended Pizza Restaurant in Liverpool

It’s nearly mothers day and if you are Googling for mothers day Liverpool or similar search term I can heartily recommend to you this amazing pizza restaurant in Liverpool called Villa Romana. I visited there recently with some friend and starting with the decor and ending with the food the whole experience was nothing short of amazing and I have left them a 5 star review on their Google page.

I had the pepperoni pizza and we shared a garlic bread.

So with mothers day approaching I would naturally want to book with these guys but I’ll have to check to see if mother dearest wants to travel first of all, she may actually just want to spend it with family at home, seeing as she’s getting on now.

For those people still looking then there are other places you can try and for some reason have better reviews but trust me when I say I’ve had a pizza in most Italian restaurants in Liverpool now and Villa is bar the best and I really can’t shout about the place highly enough.

The food is not only delicious but also healthy too, their pasta looked amazing and they do salads to go with the pizza that are just to die for.

So what do I do for mothers day if there’s no alternative, well start by checking out the link above which is a link to some stuff you can do for mother day if you are in Liverpool, here’s a few suggestions from my own head but please check out the official list above.

The theatre – who doesn’t love the theatre!

The Cinema – the modern theatre!

A meal out – go to Villa Romana if you can

The footy – depending if your mother is into the footy you could take her there

A museum – if she like culture etc then Liverpool has a about 5 museums

A spa break – pricey but if you’ve got the cash this is always a winner

A walk in the countryside – some mothers like this type of thing so it’s worth suggesting it

Flowers and chocolate – the old classic – can’t go wrong with this just don’t forget the card to go with it!

Anyway this is just a first post to get going with my new blog, I’ll be posting more things and ramblings as this site evolves – I just wanted to get going with things I’m not really sure exactly what I’ll be talking about just yet I just know that for a while people have been telling me to get a website and start a blog so I’ve done and this is my first post – hello world!

Also see: these Liverpool carpet cleaners are still going strong after all these years!

How The Lockdown is Affecting Hen Parties in Liverpool

hen party Liverpool

We are now officially in week 2 of the lockdown due to the Corona virus and this has affected businesses worldwide, Liverpool is no exception. So here in Liverpool we have seen a drastic change to the business landscape including the most popular restaurants and days out, of course there’s also the more obscure but yet no less important services that provide a hen party in Liverpool or other form of group entertainment of which there are many.

The companies featured in the links above are only a couple of examples of the type of firm affected by the new rules and the government has produced a sterling way forward for everyone including business like these above to survive during this outbreak in the form of a financial rescue package.

The usual places to visit in Liverpool are all closed too and the city (we believe) is like a ghost town except that we have not been into the city centre since this all began (we are responsible adults after all).

So where does this leave things once the lockdown is lifted? We believe that social distancing – where people are required to stay at least 2 metres apart from each other at all times even when doing their shopping will remain in effect. This means that either a) restaurants will need fewer tables to adhere to the rules or b) will still not be able to open. So in terms of the restaurants this remains to be seen whether the lockdown on it’s own remains the sole cause of these businesses now struggling or not. On the other hand, the enterainment industry often requires that it’s patrons rub shoulders on a more personal level, in the case of the company above for example they are a recording studio offering a pop star experience and so this naturally means close proximity.

A release of the lockdown can really only mean one thing – all business types will not fully recover immediatley without a change of plan. Many restaurants have been able to offer a take-away service but not all as the market place suddenly became very crowded with almost every restaurant now trying to compete with each other, think of the logistics behind everything from the new packaging to the delivery drivers and everything in between which would mean that the reputation of the restaurant is upheld.

People will naturally want their lives to get back to normal as quickly as possible once things start to settle and this means visiting a restaurant again, this also mean starting to book entertainment for their hen or stag party and the people of Liverpool will once again resume a life more normal as will the rest of the world, what that world looks like is pure speculation at this point in time but we wish everyone the very best of luck!

How A Video Production in Liverpool is Improving the communication between businesses during the Corona outbreak

video production Liverpool

In these difficult time due to the Corona virus outbreak businesses of all sizes are now deciding to take things online like never before.

  • See how this Video Production Liverpool company are helping to break ground in this area

With home working and conferences now being streamed across the internet rather than face to face meetings taking place the rise of video production companies and their services are in greater demand now more than ever.

Zut Media are the company in Liverpool known for their great work in video and film production but they also have the capability to get your business where it needs to be online in terms of being able to keep going with the infrastructure that you need to enable your workforce to keep going in these unprecedented times.

Being able to use existing infrastructure and technology helps any business but when there is a higher demand now for these service but for a slight different purpose it’s time to think outside of the box and that’s just what companies like Zut Media are doing.

Corona virus and the effects of it are likely to be felt for some time to come yet, even after the virus itself hits it’s peak and finally disappears the effects upon the economy could be devastating and luckily the UK Government has plans in place to combat this but it does appear that smaller local businesses and companies offering remote working solutions are actually winning the day.

Our team here at HERQQ had an information discussion recently about how things will change from this point on and how we may see the eventual demise of the large monopolising supermarkets in favour of a more traditional local approach as people start to realise that if everybody is using the same service and it breaks then there’s nowhere left to go for your mothers day gifts, food and entertainment.

As the social widening continues and we are not allowed to gather in large groups, chains like Vue Cinema are likely to feel the pinch and struggle to come out completely unscathed and yet there are online communities and smaller local communities that are thriving because of the restrictions being placed.

Many comment that this is like the times during world war 2 when the whole country became as one and helped each other out and although in some instances this doesn’t yet seem to be happening everywhere it does affect small pockets in ways that are yet to become evident on a wider scale.

For instance streets are now forming whatsapp groups or Facebook communities to keep in touch and help other out by going to the shops for those who are unable to etc.

Strange and frightening times we are living in but change is inevitable for all things, sometimes change is good and we for one believe that things will get worse before they get better but we will come out the other side a divided nation between those who chose to bind together and those who became selfish and greedy and focused upon their own survival verses the survival of their neighbours, family and friends.

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